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This tutorial will show you how to install wikipedia on your ipod!

  1. Install iPodLinux
  2. Download this file and extract its content to your iPod root (Start > my computer > your iPod)
  3. Download encyclopodia (be careful it is 1.7 gig) and place it in your ipod under /Wikipodia/encyclopodia/library
  4. Go get a cup of coffee or do your groceries because it might take long
  5. If you have a loader.cfg file in your root add this line anywhere you want
  6. Wikipedia @ (hd0,1)/linux.bin /mnt/Wikipodia/wikizilla

  7. If you dont have one you can download this one and edit it by adding the line in the previous step Download file (Loader.cfg)
  8. Save your loader.cfg in the root, eject and reboot!
  9. That’s it, now select wikipedia and search what you want!
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