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There are many programs available on the internet to make improve your iPod experience, ranging from file browsers to video converters. Here is a list of programs Slus and I use almost daily to manage and edit our devices.

  1. WinSCP is an SFTP client that allows you to browse your device’s internal files through a Wi-Fi network, here is the download link, and here is the link to the tutorial, “How to Use SSH
  2. CyberDuck is the same concept as WinSCP, but for mac, to download follow this link. It is also in the How to Use SSH tutorial.
  3. Iphone Folders lets you access internal files without the need of a wireless connection. To download it go here.
  4. WinAVI MP4 Converter lets you convert videos from AVI to MP4 so you can have you favorite movies and videos on your device. Go here to get it.
  5. TouchCopy is lets you copy your files, whether they are videos, songs, podcasts or photos from any iPod device to your computer. This software is also compatible with Mac and PC. Follow this link for more information.
  6. Dropbox lets you access your selected files from anywhere in the world, even if your on the go. There is a free Dropbox application available in the AppStore. All you have to do is download the software and follow the instructions on this link.

These programs should substantially increase your iPod experience and that is why Slus and I recommend them, because they are extremely easy to use and quite evidently useful. Eventually we will add more, some will probably replace others or some may get out dated, but we will keep you posted.

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