Almost one month passed since the reopening of iPodStuff. We have released a total of 24 tutorials until now but there are many more to come.

Here is a list of what will be released very soon.

Tutorials in different languages!

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian?

We will add a lot of iPod Touch tutorials

  • How to use Cydia in depth  (in progress)
  • How to use SFTP Clients such as Cyberduck (mac) and WinScp (Windows)
  • How to Chmod files and folders
  • How to use SbSettings
  • The biggest list of Cydia Sources
  • Starter apps for new jailbreakers
  • iPod Touch tips & tricks
  • Update top apps and add-ons
  • BlackRa1n fixes
  • Misc Fixes

We will also add more iPod Nano Tutorials

  • Change your iPod Nano Font color
  • Perfect Nano Background hack
  • Small/large album art
  • Full NOW PLAYING in Titlebar

We are going to host our own repository which will cleaner, faster and better than any other repositories out there. It will include

  • Cracked Cydia apps
  • Starter packages
  • Favorite themes
  • Best add-ons
  • Mods and Tweaks
  • Much more

Website updates:

  • We were also thinking of adding a Remote Assistance service which we will ask for a small fee, create an appointment and be with you when you need help in jailbreaking, modding your iPod video or anything else we can do through our own computers. With your approval we will control your computer over a safe software named TeamViewer. You can have more information by visiting this site Please tell us what you think of this service ( If we should implement it or not)
  • New iPodstuff Logo
  • Integration of difficulty meter per tutorial
  • Sorting tutorials by difficulty with a easy search feature
  • Fix spam issues
  • Increase traffic
  • Help forum for the different tutorials
  • Themes database?
  • If the website gets big, bigger and faster servers.

Please comment so that I can see what you, the user, think of these changes and what I should add.

Also don’t forget to share this website with your friends.

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