This tutorial only works for all iPhones and iPod Touch 2g and 3g only

For a while, the only utility for bluetooth on the iPhone was just to connect to a Bluetooth headset and that was practically it. With an App called iBlueNova, you can now share files between not only iPhones but any phone that has Bluetooth.

  1. You will have to install iBlueNova. You can either get it from CydiaStore(Paid) or from any source(Xsellize, iSpazio etc) or the .deb file provided below.
    1. iBlueNova Download
  2. If you downloaded the emulator from the first link, refer to this tutorial on how to install .DEB files : Installing .DEB Files
  3. Once you downloaded, Launch the app
  4. Turn “Enable” On
  5. If you want your device to be discoverable set “Visible” to On
  6. Scroll down to the file manager part and select what you want to transfer
    1. Pictures
    2. Music
    3. Videos
    4. Other files
  7. Browse through your files and select what you want to transfer
  8. Select “Send to Device”
  9. Choose the bluetooth device you want to send your file to
  10. It’s going to connect and prompt the other device to accept. Once you accept the file will transfer!
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