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There are many little things you can do with your iPod Touch or iPhone just by pressing the “Home” and “Power” buttons in a certain sequence. This can be useful do many things. This tutorial will show an array of tricks that will aid in debugging your device or simply saving an image or text.

Debugging tricks:

Has it ever happened that your device just froze, would not respond to any screen touches or button taps. Here are a couple tricks to save you from a panic attack:

  1. Reboot: Hold Home and Power Button for about 10 seconds and release both buttons, this will restart your device and bring you back you the home screen like nothing ever happened.
  2. DFU Mode: If your device is royally messed up and doesn’t even respond to restarting, here is what to do, plug your device to your computer, hold Home and Power button, until the Apple logo appears on the screen, then release the Power button. Continue to hold the Home button until your computer recognizes the device.
  3. SBSettings provides you with numerous power options like “Respring” and “Safe Mode”. Respring can be useful when playing around with themes or system strings, instead of restarting the device. Safe Mode can be useful after a bad installation of a Cydia package, through Safe Mode, you can go back onto Cydia and remove the package causing problems, to get out of Safe Mode, tap the Status Bar.

Did you Know?:

  1. You can take a screen shot of whatever it is you are doing by pressing Home and Power at the same time. The screen will flash white and then return to normal. You can do this, no matter what you are doing on your device, whether you are watching a video or just want to show off an awesome highscore to your friends. When you want to view the screenshots, just go to the Photos application.
  2. Save a picture from an application or from the internet by pressing on the images and holding, a small menu will appear, giving you the options to “Save Image”, “Copy” or “Cancel”. Once again, if saved, go to Photos application to view. The “Copy” option will save the image location URL.
  3. For quick access to your music, instead of leaving your application of unlocking your device, simply double tap the Home button to bring up a small window giving you the options to Play, Pause, Skip and return to Previous.
  4. If have a bit of text you would like to copy, but it’s too long to rewrite, just press and hold on the text and wait for the word you are pressing on to highlight, then you can drag the blue lines from where you want the text to start and end, then just press copy. Now just open notes or mail, press in the dialog box(where you write), wait for the keyboard to appear and press again. Press paste and voila.
  5. If you happen to be browsing an extremely long web page and now want to change websites, instead of swiping your finger downward until you reach the top, simply tap the status bar.
  6. On the Videos application you can delete videos directly from your iPod simply swipe your finger across the file and a red “Delete button will appear, press it and poof it’s gone.
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