How to Use SBSettings

If you like to have full control over you iPhone and have never heard of SBSettings before, it is a must have. This light add-on allows you to have quick access to your processes, brightness and much more. Using it for the first time can be a bit confusing, that’s where we come in though. […]

Updates and Upcoming Changes

Almost one month passed since the reopening of iPodStuff. We have released a total of 24 tutorials until now but there are many more to come. Here is a list of what will be released very soon. Tutorials in different languages! French Spanish Italian? We will add a lot of iPod Touch tutorials How to […]

How to use WinterBoard

Difficulty – Very easy | WinterBoard is an application, which can be found on Cydia, that allows you to apply different themes to your iPod or Iphone. It is a small and very simple application that lets you choose which themes are being applied. Simply downloading a theme from Cydia will not do anything to […]

Free iPod video Games

Difficulty – Very easy | Note: Before you start this tutorial, in iTunes, make sure the “Sync games” checkbox, under the Games Tab, is not checked or your games will be deleted when iTunes opens. I am not responsible for anything that happens to your ipod. Do it at own risk First you need to […]

How to view hidden folders

Difficulty – Extremely easy | In order to access some parts of your iPod Video or your iPod Nano you will have to enable hidden files and folders and here is how to do it depending on what operating system you use! For XP users: Click on Start and open Control panel Double-click on Folder […]