How to Use SSH

Difficulty – Medium | SSH is a mean of getting access to the internal files of your devices. You will be able to access these files from your computer, allowing you to edit strings, add your own themes to your device, add applications you’ve downloaded and much more. To do this, you will need to […]

Updates and Upcoming Changes

Almost one month passed since the reopening of iPodStuff. We have released a total of 24 tutorials until now but there are many more to come. Here is a list of what will be released very soon. Tutorials in different languages! French Spanish Italian? We will add a lot of iPod Touch tutorials How to […]

Multiple Themes (for Pros)

Difficulty – Pro | This hack will enable you to have many different themes just by rebooting and selecting your theme in the bootloader menu. Warning: This tutorial is for people who understand all the basics of iPod Modding and know what they are doing. If you do not understand what it written in this […]

Perfect background hack

Difficulty – Medium | This will install the perfect background hack on your iPod Features: 1. The Solitaire Background is now fixed ( the solid green background is back!) 2. The stopwatch and the lock background is now back and fixed (brushed metal!) 3. The 4-bit color font change is now included! 4. The white […]

How to install Rockbox

Difficulty – Pretty easy | What is Rockbox? Rockbox is another alternative to the good original Apple OS. It is also more stable than iPodLinux but a lot of extensions use iPodLinux which makes it as useful as Rockbox. This OS is constantly improved and easy to use that is why I recommend you install […]

How to use WinterBoard

Difficulty – Very easy | WinterBoard is an application, which can be found on Cydia, that allows you to apply different themes to your iPod or Iphone. It is a small and very simple application that lets you choose which themes are being applied. Simply downloading a theme from Cydia will not do anything to […]