How to Edit Strings(Text) on your iPhone or iPod Touch!

Slide to unlock… Aren’t you tired of that text? Want to change it? Well Great because we will show you how to change that text + many many more to suit your needs! This is what you have to do. Using your favorite SSH client, or a way to access your device through USB or […]

How to make the most out of your Status Bar

Difficulty Easy – This is a guide explaining what to do to your status bar to make it as useful as possible. Some of you may have already done this, or may think it is all pretty obvious to do. However this guide is mainly aimed at those would might not have realized everything or […]

Basic iPod Video Modding

Difficulty – Very easy | In this tutorial I will teach you the basics of modding an iPod. This includes changing the graphics, changing the fonts and changing the Strings(Every single word written in your iPod) Change your iPod’s Graphics Download iPodwizard 1.3 In the left drop down menu called “Edit Mode:” select “iPod” and […]