Emulators for iPod Touch / iPhone

There are many emulators out there that enables us to plat different games on different platforms. You can play Gameboy (GB) and Gameboy Advance (GBA) games, Playstation 1 games (for newer generation devices), Nintendo 64 games, Super Nintendo (Snes), Nintendo (NES) and many more. This tutorial will show you how to install the emulators and […]

iPod NES Emulator

Difficulty – Easy | There are two iPod Nes emulators The first one is called iNes and the other is called iDarcnes Since the iNes development is discontinued and the previous releases really had a lot of problems,I will not write a tutorial on how to install since iDarcnes can play more ROMs and at […]

Gameboy Emulator (iBoy)

Difficulty – Pretty easy | What is iBoy? iBoy is a gameboy (.gb) and gameboy color (.gbc) emulator it allows you to play some of them. Attention only .gb and .gbc files are accepted How to install iBoy Alright Prerequisites: You will need to install ipodlinux + bootloader to do this Download the latest iBoy […]