How to Use SBSettings

If you like to have full control over you iPhone and have never heard of SBSettings before, it is a must have. This light add-on allows you to have quick access to your processes, brightness and much more. Using it for the first time can be a bit confusing, that’s where we come in though. […]

How to make the most out of your Status Bar

Difficulty Easy – This is a guide explaining what to do to your status bar to make it as useful as possible. Some of you may have already done this, or may think it is all pretty obvious to do. However this guide is mainly aimed at those would might not have realized everything or […]

Top Apps and Add-ons

Difficulty – Extremely easy | There are so many applications and add-ons available on Cydia. From useless fart soundboards to applications that allow you to access system files and strings of your ipod’s firmware. Here are our top picks: Number 1 would have to be an add-on called “SBSettings” by BigBoss. This add-on will give […]