How to Restore/Unbrick your iPod Touch or iPhone

Sometimes when you try to hack your iPod Touch or iPhone, some things don’t work they way they should. That is why you will sometimes have to restore your device in order to start from scratch. It is also needed if you have a warranty and your device is physically broken like headphones don’t work […]

Tips and Tricks

Difficulty – Extremely Easy | There are many little things you can do with your iPod Touch or iPhone just by pressing the “Home” and “Power” buttons in a certain sequence. This can be useful do many things. This tutorial will show an array of tricks that will aid in debugging your device or simply […]

Get Free Apps and Games

Difficulty – Easy | The advantage of having an iPod Touch or iPhone is the Appstore. The Appstore provides us with more than 100,000 apps for anything you need and want. It varies from games to productivity apps, from weather apps to medical apps and more. Unfortunately, it was promised that around 70% of the […]

How to modify the Bootloader

Difficulty – Very easy | What is the IPL Bootloader? The iPod Bootloader is a menu that will let you access extra options on your iPod. For example you can install iPodLinux, RockBox, iBoy, iGPSP, extra themes, Iarcnes and many others. When you install iPodLinux you automatically get a bootloader but the only options that […]