iPod Nano Perfect Background Hack

Difficulty – Easy | Features: The Solitaire Background is now fixed ( The solid green background is back!) The stopwatch and the lock background is now back and fixed (brushed metal!) The 4-bit color font change is now included! The white squares in the legal section are now fixed! The white frame at the bottom […]

Updates and Upcoming Changes

Almost one month passed since the reopening of iPodStuff. We have released a total of 24 tutorials until now but there are many more to come. Here is a list of what will be released very soon. Tutorials in different languages! French Spanish Italian? We will add a lot of iPod Touch tutorials How to […]

How to modify the Bootloader

Difficulty – Very easy | What is the IPL Bootloader? The iPod Bootloader is a menu that will let you access extra options on your iPod. For example you can install iPodLinux, RockBox, iBoy, iGPSP, extra themes, Iarcnes and many others. When you install iPodLinux you automatically get a bootloader but the only options that […]

What iPod do you have?

Difficulty – Extremely easy To modify/hack iPods, it is very important to know What iPod you are using If the iPod you have is hackable* What firmware version it is Hacking an iPod might not work the first time iPods that are NOT hackable: iPod nano 2nd generation iPod nano 3rd generation iPod Classic 6th […]