Multiple Exchange Account

For now, firmware 3.1.3 and lower, allows only one exchange account per iPhone or iPod. This may be very irritating for people who own businesses and for example sync their e-mail with Google sync. We will show you how to enable up to two exchange account on your device. You will need to install MultiExchange. […]

iPod Nano Perfect Background Hack

Difficulty – Easy | Features: The Solitaire Background is now fixed ( The solid green background is back!) The stopwatch and the lock background is now back and fixed (brushed metal!) The 4-bit color font change is now included! The white squares in the legal section are now fixed! The white frame at the bottom […]

Multiple Themes (for Pros)

Difficulty – Pro | This hack will enable you to have many different themes just by rebooting and selecting your theme in the bootloader menu. Warning: This tutorial is for people who understand all the basics of iPod Modding and know what they are doing. If you do not understand what it written in this […]