Latest Lockinfo download

LockInfo, as mentioned in our “Top Apps and Add-Ons” page is quick and easy way to view your emails, calender, weather, SMS, and much more directly on your lockscreen. If you look for it on Cydia you most probably won’t find it if you don’t have the right repository. The original, was created by David […]

Top Apps and Add-ons

Difficulty – Extremely easy | There are so many applications and add-ons available on Cydia. From useless fart soundboards to applications that allow you to access system files and strings of your ipod’s firmware. Here are our top picks: Number 1 would have to be an add-on called “SBSettings” by BigBoss. This add-on will give […]

Get Free Apps and Games

Difficulty – Easy | The advantage of having an iPod Touch or iPhone is the Appstore. The Appstore provides us with more than 100,000 apps for anything you need and want. It varies from games to productivity apps, from weather apps to medical apps and more. Unfortunately, it was promised that around 70% of the […]