Spirit: 3.1.3 Jailbreak, That Works!

An unexpected release of the software we’ve all been waiting for. A working 3.1.3 jailbreak! A developer by the name of Comex has finally done it. Not only does it jailbreak 3.1.3 firmware, but it is also an untethered jailbreak for 3rd generation iPod Touch and iPhone 3GS  and iPad. So your probably dying to […]

How to Use SBSettings

If you like to have full control over you iPhone and have never heard of SBSettings before, it is a must have. This light add-on allows you to have quick access to your processes, brightness and much more. Using it for the first time can be a bit confusing, that’s where we come in though. […]

Get Free Apps and Games

Difficulty – Easy | The advantage of having an iPod Touch or iPhone is the Appstore. The Appstore provides us with more than 100,000 apps for anything you need and want. It varies from games to productivity apps, from weather apps to medical apps and more. Unfortunately, it was promised that around 70% of the […]