When someone updates their new device (iPod Touch 2G(MC model),  iPod Touch 3g or iPhone 3GS) to the latest firmware, they loose their jailbreak AND loose the ability to downgrade to be able to jailbreak again! Having a SHSH file saved on your computer will enable you to downgrade to an earlier firmware and jailbreak that firmware until a new jailbreak comes out.

There are two ways of doing this.

  1. If you already have a jailbroken device
  2. Open Cydia and make sure you get this page
  3. Once you get it, Just select “Make my life easier, Thanks!”
  4. Now every time you are going to load Cydia you will have this at the top of the Cydia page

Doing this will store your SHSH file on Saurik’s (Cydia) server and will enable you to downgrade later on.

It’s not done yet. To be safe, Make sure to make a backup on your computer and this is how to do it.

  1. Download this file made by iH8Snow
    1. http://www.mediafire.com/?jmkw4k0wm00
  2. Make sure that your device is in recovery mode
    1. Connect your device to the computer
    2. Press and hold the power + Home button until the “Connect to iTunes” logo appears
  3. You also have to make sure you have Java Runtime installed on your computer. If you don’t, the second message your are going to get just press no and AutoSHSH is going to redirect to the download page.
  4. Launch the AutoSHSH program – Make sure you have an Internet Connection (Windows Vista and Windows 7 launch the program as administrator)
    1. You will get these two messages
  5. You will then get this main window
  6. Again make sure that your device is in recovery mode and click on “Grab my SHSH Blobs automatically”
  7. Once it finds your ECID, you will be prompted to save the SHSH file anywhere on your computer

  8. Save it and you are done!

Now you are safe to accidentally update your firmware and to go back.

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