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AppLocket is a nice little app that enables you to lock all your apps from annoying people that always want to use your iPod/iPhone. There are many great features like a safety activation methods and more. There is one little option that enables you to add a password to unlock your applications.

Sometimes, you forget that password and it happened that you did not set a safety activation method. You basically cannot do anything.

It is recommended to not use the password feature in Applocket as it doesn’t really work as it should.

  1. Using iphonefolders go to /var/mobile/Library/Preferences and find com.nakedproductions.applocket.plist and extract it to your desktop

  2. Open the file with wordpad
  3. Now find
  4. Set the value of the “passwordenabled” key to false so that it looks like this.
  5. You don’t even have to respring! Once you put the file back to your device, the password will be disabled!
  6. Make sure this time to add a safety activation method so that you can unlock it easily if ever you are experiencing problems.
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