All devices are supported except the iPod touch 1G because it does not have bluetooth but if you want to play a game with a friend that owns a newer version device, it will work.

When you are at your cottage, country house or anywhere you don’t have Wifi but you want to play a game with a friend that also owns an iDevice you can play games or send files to each other using a fake Wifi!

  1. You will need to download MyWi from cydia. Make sure you download the No Rock version. You can get it from the Xsellize repo or you can use the download link below (This app should be installed on a device that HAS Bluetooth)
  2. If you downloaded the emulator from the first link, refer to this tutorial on how to install .DEB files : Installing .DEB Files
  3. Make sure you turn on Bluetooth in the Settings App
  4. Once you have installed it launch the application
  5. You are now going to make your fake Wifi network using your bluetooth connection
  6. In “Wifi Name”, change it to whatever you want. In this case, We called it Network Test
  7. Leave the Wifi Channel as is. If ever you are having trouble connecting change the channel to another one and test again
  8. You can add a security key if you don’t want anybody else to log in to your fake network
  9. Make sure USB and Bluetooth is set to “On”
  10. You can now turn on Wifi Tethering – At the bottom you will see (Status: MyWi Broadcasting “Network Test”)
  11. Wait until the Wifi logo appears at the top of the status bar
  12. On the other device, Go to Settings and Wi-Fi and select The network Name you chose. On the device where MyWi is running, You can close the app because it runs in the background
  13. Wait for the Wifi logo to appear on the other device
  14. You can now either play games together or transfer files using the Wifi transfer feature in iFile
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