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This will install the perfect background hack on your iPod


1. The Solitaire Background is now fixed ( the solid green background is back!)
2. The stopwatch and the lock background is now back and fixed (brushed metal!)
3. The 4-bit color font change is now included!
4. The white squares in the legal section are now fixed!
5. The white frame at the bottom of now playing is now fixed!
6. The titlebar will now be placed good
7. It well never reboot by itself!
8. The themes are interchangeable. (5G to 5.5G and vice-versa)
9. Hacks are interchangeable (5G to 5.5G and vice versa)
10. smaller firmware size so it boots faster

There are some extra resources that you can add yourself later on

1. Remove Solitaire Background (replaces with the normal background).
2. Remove Stopwatch Background (replaces with the normal background).
3. Remove Screenlock Background (replaces with the normal background).
4. Remove the titlebar

How to install

  1. Download the Firmware to somewhere you will remember (Desktop preferred)
  2. For 5G Video: The New Firmware Update 1.2.2

    For 5.5G Video: The New Firmware Update 1.2.2

  3. Make sure your iPod is plugged to your computer
  4. Open iPodWizard (right-click + run as administrator if on Vista or 7)
  5. Open iPodwizard and in the dropdown menu select “firmware” then select “Load firmware” And select the firmware.
  6. Modify what you want IE: Themes, Font color, Strings, Resources etc.
  7. When you are done, just click on “write to iPod” and wait until it finishes writing the firmware on your iPod
  8. When its done, just click on the eject button and wait until it reboots!

Note: When installing these firmwares, it might delete the Bootloader. You might have to install it again

Follow step 1 to 8

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