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This hack will enable you to have many different themes just by rebooting and selecting your theme in the bootloader menu.

Warning: This tutorial is for people who understand all the basics of iPod Modding and know what they are doing. If you do not understand what it written in this tutorial, Do no try it. Thank you

CAUTION: Make sure you have the original iPod Video firmware without a bootloader. You can download the firmware here

To extract the firmware file just rename the .ipsw to .zip and extract it

This will not work with Bootloader 2.4. THANKS TO MARCO

**Do Not Include the Quotes!**

  1. Go to start > My computer > Your Harddrive (C:\)
  2. Create a folder in C:\ called “ipod” (if you don’t put this in this exact folder, you’ll have to modify the location of the folder at the C step with the “cd” command)
  3. You Have To Have These Files (Download To Above Folder)
    1. ipod_fw.exe
    2. iPodPatcher.exe
  4. Open iPodWizard, load your (Can be Custom or the original) ipod firmware and then make the changes you want. (Strings, pictures etc)
  5. Press Write to iPod
  6. Open a Command Prompt (Go to Start, Run, And Type cmd)
  7. In the command prompt you opened, navigate to the folder where you downloaded iPodPatcher.exe by using the “cd” command.
  8. A. Type “cd..” Press Enter (don't forget the 2 dots)
    B. And Continue Typing “cd..” Until It Says Only “C:\”
    C. Then Type “cd ipod”

  9. Make sure your iPod is still connected, then type “ipodpatcher 0” into CMD. If nothing appears, change the 0 to 1, 2, 3, 4… ipodpatcher.exe should launch in an other DOS window, close it.
  10. Remember the number that you used (It should be between 0-6)
  11. Type “ipodpatcher.exe YOURNUMBER -r Bootpartition.bin” in your first window.(Will Take A While)
  12. Type “ipod_fw.exe -o apple_os.bin -e o bootpartition.bin” (those are o, not zeros)
  13. This Will Create a file named “apple_os.bin”. Its the file with the theme in it. It will also create “bootpartition.bin”.
  14. Delete the “bootpartition.bin. Both files will be in the “C:\ipod” directory.
  15. Copy “apple_os.bin” to the root of your iPod
  16. Repeat step 3 to 12, but each time on Step 11 just add a number after “apple(1,2,3).bin”
  17. Important: The other files you will make cannot have more than 8 characters and the extension cannot be longer than 3 characters. For example eight_88.bin
    -Make sure that you use a clean updater each time you modify your theme, or else the previous theme may “leak through”.
    -Also make sure that you delete the “booloader.bin” file after “apple_os.bin” is extracted, or else it will interfere with the following themes.

  18. Install the iPodLinux Bootloader.
  19. Open the loader.cfg file in your iPod root
  20. After The “Apple OS @ osos” line, add
  21. Theme 1 @ (hd0,1)/apple_os.bin OR Theme 1 @ (hd0,1)/Themes/apple_os.bin
    Theme 2 @ (hd0,1)/apple_os(1).bin OR Theme 2 @ (hd0,1)/Themes/apple(1).bin
    Etcetera . . .

So, your loader can look like this :

#iPodLoader 2.5 config File
backlight = 1
timeout = 10
default = 3

Apple OS @ osos
Broken theme mod @ (hd0,1)/Themes/brokm.bin
Theme 1 @ (hd0,1)/Themes/apple_os.bin
Theme 2 @ (hd0,1)/Themes/apple(1).bin
iPodLinux @ (hd0,1)/linux.bin
Rockbox @ (hd0,1)/rockbox.ipod
Disk Mode @ diskmode
Sleep @ standby

This tutorial has been rewritten by Slus with the help of Marco’s tutorial and the http://www.ipodwizard.net/wiki/index.php/Multiple_Themes one.

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