For now, firmware 3.1.3 and lower, allows only one exchange account per iPhone or iPod. This may be very irritating for people who own businesses and for example sync their e-mail with Google sync. We will show you how to enable up to two exchange account on your device.

  1. You will need to install MultiExchange. You can by it on Cydia store or download it with the download link provided below or you can add the xsellize repo and download it off there.
    1. MultiExchange .deb
  2. If you downloaded the emulator from the first link, refer to this tutorial on how to install .DEB files : Installing .DEB Files
  3. When you are done you just go to Settings
  4. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  5. Select Add Account
  6. Now Select Exchange
  7. You should now be able to add another account without having that annoying pop-up telling you that you can’t have two!
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