Difficulty – Pretty easy |

With this tutorial You will be able to see the album art of the song that is playing in all the menus

Requirements: iPod Nano with firmware 1.3.1

  1. Load your iPod firmware. (Make sure your firmware is version 1.3.1)
  2. Now you have to go to layout tab and make sure “Scheme Layout” is selected.
  3. Search in the find box the resource number 24079 (Refer to number 1 on the next picture)
  4. Click on the ID of the first resource (Refer to number 4 in the previous picture)
    1. For small album art, change the value to -300
    2. For large, change it to 25514

  5. Now all you have to do is write to your iPod and  eject

You now have small/large album art for all the menus!!

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