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Almost any game these days come with cheats in order to make us have more fun, to help us a specific level or just to finish the game in a breeze

The iPod video games also have cheats and here they are

Texas Hold ’em Cheats:

  1. Go to the “Options” menu and select “New Player”
  2. Enter the cheat code you wish to use.
  3. Go to the check-mark button and hold down the iPod’s center button.
  4. The word “Secret” will appear across the screen.


YOUCHEAT – Brings up a secret menu that gives you 5 cheating options

  1. Unlock all tournaments
  2. Start with 100k
  3. Always show tells
  4. Show down cards
  5. Adjusting the “All Fold” to often, normal or never.

ALLCHARS – Allows you to see secret characters

BARTUNES – iTunes bar interface

THREEAMI – Apple conference room interface

BIGROCKS – Stonehenge tournament

PLAYDOGS – Tournament with dogs

SPACEACE – Futuristic tournament with aliens.

Vortex Cheats:

  1. Exit all games and go to the main menu of the game
  2. Go to the “Personal Info” tab
  3. Select “Rename” and type in one of the codes below.
  4. Hold down the center button until the cheat activates. A “Cheat On” message should appear

Note: The underscores in the codes below stand for spaces


ME_PAZ – Activates the laser power-up

I_GUNZ – Activates the gun power-up

FORSIX – Gives you 24 lives

_PWR_B – Activates the Powerball

NO_ID_ –  Unlocks special backgrounds

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