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There are two iPod Nes emulators The first one is called iNes and the other is called iDarcnes

Since the iNes development is discontinued and the previous releases really had a lot of problems,I will not write a tutorial on how to install since iDarcnes can play more ROMs and at a faster speed. If ever there are request for iNes I will post a tutorial.

To install iDarcnes you will need the ipodLinux bootloader which can be found here

Installing iDarcnes

  1. Get the latest (Stable) iDarcnes binary file + two included ROMs (Super Mario bros 3 and Megaman).
  2. Save the zip file somewhere you will remember (Desktop recommended)
  3. Go to Start > My computer > “Your iPod”
  4. Put the iDarcnes file  in the iPod root. The file given in the zip archive is the most stable up to date release of iDarcnes
  5. In your iPod root make a folder called “roms”
  6. Inside the zip file you have just downloaded there are two ROMs. Place those two inside the “roms” folder previously created
    1. You can search on google for more .nes ROMs
    2. Place the downloaded ROMs inside the “roms” folder in your iPod root
  7. We are going to edit the loader.cfg file(If you need help with the bootloader visit this link to clear things up)
  8. The only disadvantage of iDarcnes is that it does not have a menu for us to select a rom on the fly therefore for every game you want to play you will have to add an extra line of code to make that ROM launch-able

    • The basic line to add looks like this : Romname @ (hd0,1)/linux.bin /mnt/idarcnes /mnt/roms/romname.nes
    • Let’s use the ROMs I provided. We will use the super Mario bros(SMB3.nes file). You will write in the bootloader something like this

    • Super Mario 3 @ (hd0,1)/linux.bin /mnt/idarcnes /mnt/roms/SMB3.nes
  9. Save the loader.cfg file
  10. Reboot the iPod
  11. Select the ROM and wait 30 seconds for the emulator to load

If it doesn’t work, there might be 3 reasons why:

  1. You did not put the rom inside the roms folder
  2. The rom you are trying to play may be not supported at the moment
  3. In the loader.cfg file try changing /linux.bin to /Kernel.bin

List of working ROMs for iDarcnes

* 1944
* 1943
* 1942
* A Boy and His Blob
* Adventure Island 2
* Adventure Island 3
* Afterburner
* Afterburner 2
* Arkanoid
* BattleShip
* Bomberman 2 (U)
* Bubble Bobble 2 (U)
* Championship Bowling
* Championship Pool
* Contra
* Donkey Kong 3
* Donkey Kong Classic
* Excitebike
* Family Feud
* Ferrari Grand Prix Racing
* Final Fantasy I
* Galaga
* Galaxy 5000
* Golf
* Guardian Legend, The
* Ice Climber (U)
* Kirby’s Adventure
* Lode Runner (U)
* Maniac Mansion
* Marble Madness
* Mario’s Adventure
* Metroid
* Monopoly
* Nuts & Milk
* Pacmania
* Pinball
* Pinball Quest
* Rad racer
* Side Pocket
* Silk Worm (U)
* Super Mario Bros 1
* Super Mario Bros 2
* Super Mario Bros 3
* The Legend Of Zelda
* TwinBee (J)
* Wario’s Woods
* Yoshi
* Zelda 2

Controls (Taken from iPodlinux wiki)

Lightly touch:

  • Menu: B
  • Play: B
  • Forward: B
  • Rewind: B
  • Center: A
  • Upper Right: A
  • Upper Left: B
  • Lower Right: Start
  • Lower Left: Select
  • Up: Up
  • Down: Down
  • Right: Right
  • Left: Left
  • Hold: Menu
  • Menu: up
  • Play:down
  • Center: select
  • Rewind: back

That is it for the iPod NES Emulator tutorial

If you have any questions or problems just comment here and we will be able to help you out don’t be shy

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