The game is on! has released a new version of Installous with many new features. It was probably because they want to gain more users and to turn the users that use install0us by Puy0, a former of Installous by

First comes the design

The look and feel of Installous by has been completely revamped. They have made it almost identical to the AppStore which gives it a familiar look for easy navigation. It uses very brighter colors than the previous version which makes it easier to see while being exposed to the sun. The icon could be improved though.  The popups announcing new downloads and installs are also very attractive. Since is actually implemented in the app, the picture scrolling

Install0us 2.5.2 by Puy0 also has a very good user interface. It uses dark colors which makes it look nice but it is hard to see under sun exposure. The popups announcing the downloads and installs are very  minimalistic and non-obstructive. The download bars are very big and has important information.

We give:

Installous by an 8/10


install0us by Puyo an 8.5/10

All in all, the decision on which one looks nicer is up to you.


Something that install0us users will notice at first on Installous 3.1 is the lack of browsing other websites to get applications. It is limited to which is a very big database of cracked apps. When installing apps with Installous 3.1, it brings a popup with all the links to download. It is better than to wait for the mobile version of apptrackr to load all the links. You can also select on the fly which way to browse your apps. Either by apps & updates, apps and popularity. All this can be done without necessarily going back to the home page of

Installous by


  1. Very nice way to download applications
  2. Fast loading of the app pages
  3. Fast selection of categories and on-the-fly switching
  4. Browsing images is also faster (Less lag)


  1. Not flexible in terms of browsing other websites.
  2. Some images fail to load

Rating: 8/10

install0us by Puy0 uses an actual browser which means that the pages load less fast than on Installous. One good thing about having a browser is that you can browse any website you want to find a missing application in apptrackr. The search speed using the mobile version of apptrackr is a tad slower than on the built in apptrackr.

install0us by Puy0:


  1. Flexible browsing to many different app sites
  2. Ability to set a home page
  3. Actually has a refresh button


  1. Slow loading of pages
  2. Selection of different tabs which make                                                                                 s the loading time slower

Rating: 7.5/10

General Errors:

install0us by Puy0 barely has any errors. The only error we have encountered is that once in a while, the browser bar disappears which requires you to restart the application.

On the other hand, Installous by is still in beta so it still contains many errors. Some of them are:

  1. The category icons in the browse tab usually disappear leaving you with only “All applications”
  2. Sometimes the actual apps don’t load after selecting a category
  3. Clearing the category and the icons cache doesn’t always work
  4. There are some occasional crashing while installing apps or while browsing apps

Error wise, install0us by Puy0 has less bugs than Installous by The only downside is that Puy0 has stopped the development of his application which means that 2.5.2 is the final version and will always contain that single problem. Installous by has a lot of room for improvement.

We give:

Installous by a 7/10


install0us by Puyo a 9/10

To conclude, install0us by Puy0 is much more stable than its competitor but since the development of the app is terminated can easily make it better than install0us. So, for now Puy0 wins the match with a 8.5 out of 10 beating which has 7/10

End Rating:

Installous by       8/10

install0us by Puy0                  8.5/10

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