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WinterBoard is an application, which can be found on Cydia, that allows you to apply different themes to your iPod or Iphone.

It is a small and very simple application that lets you choose which themes are being applied.

Simply downloading a theme from Cydia will not do anything to your device, here is what you’ll need to do:

  1. Open Cydia.
  2. Wait for the sources to load.
  3. Go to the search tab
  4. In the search bar, enter “WinterBoard”.
  5. There will probably be many themes that appear in the results, simply scroll down to “W”.
  6. Click on the one named “WinterBoard”.
  7. The next page gives a brief description of what the application does and a couple screenshots.
  8. On the top right corner of the page is an “Install” button, press it.
  9. Wait for the next page to load, and then press confirm.
  10. Once the installation is completed, click the “Reboot Device”.
  11. WARNING! Your screen will now turn black and your device will restart. DO NOT PANIC! It will return to normal in a few seconds.
  12. If you like, you can go onto WinterBoard and try one of the demo themes that is provided.
  13. Find the icon for “WinterBoard”.
  14. You may click on any of the themes, for this demo, we chose the one named “Saurik”(creator of Cydia and WinterBoard)
    WinterBoard9 WinterBoard10
  15. Now press the home button, and wait for your device to respring
  16. This theme, as we can see applies a different font and has 2 different background images that interchange every so often.
    Themed1 Themed2
  17. If ever you get tired of this theme or you don’t like it at all, and want to choose a “better one”
  18. Go to Cydia, choose the theme you like best and download it, the three following pictures will show you how to do that
    NewTheme1 NewTheme2 NewTheme3
  19. Then to apply the theme repeat steps 13 through 15 as shown below with your new theme
    WinterBoard8 NewTheme4
  20. **WinterBoard works on hierarchy, this means that the first item checked will be applied first, then the icons that have nothing applied will be filled in by the second item, and so on and so forth**

And there you have it, you now have a shiny new theme.


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