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SSH is a mean of getting access to the internal files of your devices. You will be able to access these files from your computer, allowing you to edit strings, add your own themes to your device, add applications you’ve downloaded and much more. To do this, you will need to use an SFTP client of your choice, WinSCP(Windows), CyberDuck(Mac), iPhone Folders(Windows, no Wi-Fi required).

*Note: Before starting this tutorial, go to Cydia and download the “OpenSSH” package. Once done, restart your device and proceed with the tutorial.*

If you do not have any of these programs and do not know where to go to get them, here are the download links:

  1. WinSCP
  2. CyberDuck
  3. iPhone Folders

Download which ever program you like based on your operating system or if you have a Wi-Fi network or not.

Using WinSCP:

When you execute WinSCP, you will be presented with a window:

First you will need the IP address of you device, this can be found through Settings>Wi-Fi, once on this page, you may have multiple networks available, one of them has a check mark on the left, click on the blue arrow of that network. Your device’s IP address will be the first line of information.

Now write that in the box entitled “Host Name”

Then, in the “User Name” box, enter “root”

Now, the default password for any iPod touch or iPhone is “alpine”, unless you changed this password as showed in How to Change the Default SSH Password, it will always be the password.

Once you have followed these steps, click “Login”, a smaller screen will appear with a bunch of text really isn’t important, at the bottom you will be given a few options of what you would like to do, just click yes.

There, you now have access to your devices internal files the screen should look like this

Using CyberDuck:

It is basically the same concept as WinSCP, you are presented with this screen

To connect to your device, you will need to open a connection, which is the button on the top left of the window.

Then repeat the same steps as WinSCP, enter IP address, enter Username, enter Password and click “Connect”

Do not forget to select your connection type, at the top of this small window, is a drop down menu, click on it and select “SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol)”

Once connected you will be brought to “/private/var/root”

Where we want to go is the core, where you can access almost everything. To do so, click on the small arrow pointing upward, beside the folder name, this will bring you to “/private/var”.

Here is where to go if you want to access:

Themes: “/var/stash/Themes.xxxxxx”

AppStore Applications: “/var/mobile/Applications”

Default and Cydia Applications: “/Applications” or /var/stash/Applications.xxxxxx”

There are many more directories that let you access many more things, but as you progress the difficulty will escalate and the danger of messing up your device will be greater. More of these directories will be shown in other tutorials and upon request.

If you have any problem or questions, speak your mind in the box below.

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