If you like to have full control over you iPhone and have never heard of SBSettings before, it is a must have. This light add-on allows you to have quick access to your processes, brightness and much more. Using it for the first time can be a bit confusing, that’s where we come in though.

**Note: “SB” settings stand for SpringBoard settings.

To access your SBSettings home, simply swipe your finger at least 50 pixels across the status bar.What will come down is this:

Here you can right away see 4 main options, Brightness, Processes, SSH and Wi-Fi.

The brightness tab is pretty straight forward, simply press the button and adjust your brightness on the fly, without have to exit whatever you are doing, go to the settings application, waiting for it to load… etc.

The processes tab allows you to view all applications running in the background, so if you find that your device is running a lot slower than it should be, try ending a few useless processes this should make a lot more memory available and allow you to continue using your iPod Touch/iPhone nice and smoothly. There is also a “Free Up Memory” button, will free up any available memory to make your device faster.

The SSH button lets you toggle your SSH connection. If you have no idea what SSH is, or how to use it, go to this tutorial. Disabling this feature can help save battery power, which is great when you are already running low.

And finally, Wi-Fi. Same as the SSH button, you will toggle your connection to the internet, which will save more battery than just by disabling SSH.

Now, for the smaller icons, there is: More, Refresh, Dock, Respring and Power.

By clicking on “More”, you will close the SBSettings drop down menu and open the actual application. you can now adjust a lot more that just brightness.

Firstly, is the themes pages. Yes, you can apply themes to your SBSettings menu, there are 4 main ones already given, however Cydia offers a wide array of themes created by other people.

Then there is the “Set Toggles” tab. The name of the tab is pretty self-explanatory. You can add to the 4 main toggles. A very useful one to have is “Fast Notes”, for when how have to take something down real fast, but don’t have a pen or a piece of paper and loading the notes app would just be too long.

Next on the list is “Dock Applications”. As I mentioned before, on your SBSettings drop down menu there is a Dock button, here is where you select the applications you wish to be placed there. Let’s say you have an application that you don’t use, but still sometimes need to access and find it a waste of space on your home screen, you can select that application so that it goes to your SBSetting dock. By doing so, it is out of sight, but can still easily be accessed.

The “Hide Icons” tab lets you select apps that you don’t want one your home screen but then cannot be accessed through any means, except by “unhiding” them.

The next tab, “Mobile Substrate Add-ons” is used to toggle faulty add-ons so that they can then be removed through Cydia.

Extras are little options like memory in status bar, numeric battery and much more.

And finally the last page, “App Folders” simply gives you the directory in which a chosen app is found. The point? We haven’t really figured that out yet really, seeing that all AppStore apps are in the same directory and Cydia in one own.

So that’s it for the “More” button on the drop down menu, so lets get back to that.

The refresh button will refresh your IP info, available storage and available memory.

The dock button, as I said previously, allows you to quickly access apps pre-selected in the “More” page.

The “Repsring” button will simply respring your device. This comes in handy when, for example, you are transferring files through SSH and need to update your device.

And last but not least, the “Power” button. When pressed, you are given 4 power options. Reboot (useful if your lock button is broken), Power Off (also very useful if lock doesn’t work), Lock and Safe Mode, this is especially useful if you have just installed a cracked application and it keeps crashing, put your device in safe mode and it might run perfectly, if not, the .ipa is invalid.

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