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The reason the title is Install0us with a 0 and not a o is because the creator of Installous 1.0, puy0, has gone independent. This tutorial is about install0us 2.5 since version 3.0 is not officially released. When it will be released, another tutorial will be made but for now this is what it is


After you have followed this tutorial, Go back to your Springboard and select the install0us icon

After the app loads, you will see a blank screen, 4 tabs at the bottom. (Browse, Downloads, Settings and About)

The Browse tab:

This tab will allow you to enter a URL and be able to browse websites that give out cracked IPA files (Games and Apps)

For example appulo.us/appdb.

You may also notice that there is a little icon that looks like a house. That is because you will be able to set your Home Page so that when you click on that icon it brings you back to the page you want. You will also find the forward and go back buttons and the refresh page button.

The Downloads tab:

When you find an app of game you want, you have to download it in order to install it. You can have multiples downloads at the same time if you want. When you are downloading a file, a little number on top of the tab will appear to tell you how many files you are downloading. Once it finished downloading, it will automatically install the app if it is set so in the settings tab.

If ever you want to access your IPA file through SSH, the files are stored in /var/mobile/Downloads.

There are 3 easy ways to delete an IPA file.

  1. You can either set Automatic delete on in the settings tab. This will delete the IPA automatically when it is done installing. (We suggest turning it off and deleting the apps manually)
  2. You can also click on the edit button on the top right of the Downloads tab and then click on the little red icons and finally press on delete.
  3. One last way to delete an app from the Downloads tab is by just swiping your finger on the app you want to delete and then select delete.

To reinstall an app if it is not deleted, just select the app and then select install

The Settings tab:

The Settings tab contains 3 different section.

  1. Browser
  2. Installation
  3. Misc

In the Browser section you will find Home URL followed by “http://”
Here you can set your Home Page for the “Browser ” tab for example http://appulo.us/appdb

In the Installation Section you will find:

  1. Automatic Install
    • If set to On, Once an app has finished downloading, it will install it automatically
    • If set to Off, Once the Download is finished you will have to go to the Downloads tab, select your app and then click on Install
  2. Automatic Delete
    • If set to On, After the file has finished installing, it will immediately delete the downloaded file
    • If set to Off, You will have to manually delete the file, you will then have a backup of the installation if ever you change something the app and it doesn’t work anymore.

In the Misc Section you will find:

  1. iTunes Sync
    1. If set to On, When you are going to plug your iPod to your computer, iTunes will ask you if you want to Transfer Purchases. This is completely safe to do and by doing it, if ever you need to restore your device, after jailbreaking your device and patching it, you will be able to sync all the apps back
    2. If set to Off, no apps will be transfered to the computer and if ever you have to restore and jailbreak your device, you will have to install all your apps manually.

The About Tab:

Here you will find all the latest news and updates for install0us, links to the creators forum and more.

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