Sometimes when you try to hack your iPod Touch or iPhone, some things don’t work they way they should. That is why you will sometimes have to restore your device in order to start from scratch. It is also needed if you have a warranty and your device is physically broken like headphones don’t work etc….Since jailbreaking voids your waranty you will have to restore it. This is how you do it.

  1. Make sure your device is connected to the computer
  2. If you want to restore to the latest firmware version, just click on restore in the device menu.
  3. If your device doesn’t respond and/or doesn’t turn on, put it in DFU mode. (When in DFU mode, nothing appears on the screen. That is normal. If ever you see an icon telling you to connect your device to iTunes, that is not DFU but restore mode.)
    1. Hold the sleep and home button until the screen turns off and wait 2 seconds.
    2. Let go of the sleep button but keep holding the home until your computer recognizes it and iTunes pops-up saying that your device needs a restore.
  4. You can now either click on restore or Shift+Click on restore to select a firmware file (If ever you want to revert to an old firmware version)

Note: Restoring your device may make you loose all your files. It will also undo the jailbreak so you will have to rejailbreak after it has finished restoring. Make sure to backup your files so that you can put them back right after it has finished restoring.

If you get errors, make sure you have the latest version of itunes.
Try another firmware, maybe the on you are using is corrupted.

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