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What is the IPL Bootloader?

The iPod Bootloader is a menu that will let you access extra options on your iPod.

For example you can install iPodLinux, RockBox, iBoy, iGPSP, extra themes, Iarcnes and many others. When you install iPodLinux you automatically get a bootloader but the only options that come with it are

  1. Apple  OS (The original iPod operating System)
  2. iPodLinux (Enables you to launch iPodLinux
  3. Sleep (Puts your iPod in deep sleep. To turn on just press and hold menu + center)
  4. Disk mode  (Same as when you press and hold center + Play when the iPod is connected. Useful when your computer cannot find your iPod)

As I wrote earlier you can add even more options by editing the Bootloader file and here is how to do it.

Note this works with iPod Video 5G, 5.5G and Nano

Thank to an example of a loader.cfg file provided by Y2KCPI1 I will show you how to edit the file. The file is called loader.cfg and is located in the root of the iPod.

  1. Make sure you installed iPodlinux
  2. Make sure your iPod is plugged
  3. Go to Start > my computer > “Your iPod”
  4. Find the file name loader.cfg
  5. Right-Click and open with Wordpad
  6. You will see something like this:
    #iPodLoader 2.5 config File

    Apple OS @ osos

    iPodLinux @ (hd0,1)/linux.bin

    Sleep @ Standby (To Put The iPod To Sleep)

    Disk Mode @ diskmode

  7. To add another menu option you must put the code in a new line

Here are all the option you can add/ modify

Note: All the menu choices for iPodLinux, Rockbox, iBoy, IArcnes etc are given in each of the respective tutorials.

#iPodLoader 2.5 config File

backlight = 1 (Backlight On) (Must Be 1)

timeout = 10 (How Long Before It Chooses The Default)

default = 1 (Which One It Chooses If No Response)

# Here Come The Menu Choices:

Apple OS @ osos (This Is The Regular Apple Software)

iPodLinux @ (hd0,1)/linux.bin (This Is If You Have iPodLinux)

Rockbox @ (hd0,1)/.rockbox/rockbox.ipod (For Rockbox)

Sleep @ Standby (To Put The iPod To Sleep)

Disk Mode @ diskmode (To Put The iPod Into Diskmode)


Extra Settings (These Are Not Required)

debug (To Debug Differnent Settings)

  • 1 – print messages to screen and pause for a few seconds before the menu appears or an image is started.
  • 2 – print messages to screen and wait for a keypress before the menu appears or an image is started.
  • 4 – print messages to screen and pause for a second after each printed line.
  • 8 – lines counting from 1 to 15 will be printed. This is to test the scroll feature (see below) .
  • 16 – to show a test screen in which you can adjust the contrast, turn backlight on/off and test the keys.

contrast = 0 (The Contrast Used For The Menu Screen It Goes From -10 to +10)

How To Set Colors >> Provide Numbers From 0 – 255 For The Three Colors

bg_color = (red,green,blue) (Menu Background Color)

  • (Default is (0,255,128)

hilight_color = (red,green,blue) (Menu Hilight & Selector Color)

  • (Default is (128,128,0)

bg_gradient = 1 (To Have A Gradient BG Ranging From Black To The bg_color To Have A Plain Background Just Put 0)

  • (Default is (1)

beep_duration 50ms (The Duration Of The Click (Has To Be In milliseconds(1/1000))

beep_period 30 (The Pitch Of The Beep (Could Go From 20 To 40))

You can Also Download an example file that I personally use.
Here is the download link.


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