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This is a guide explaining what to do to your status bar to make it as useful as possible.
Some of you may have already done this, or may think it is all pretty obvious to do. However this guide is mainly aimed at those would might not have realized everything or those are not as ‘jailbreak literate’.

[1] The first thing to do would be to create the maximum amount of space possible in the status bar.

At the start your status bar will look like this:

To make maximum space in the status bar, do the following:

1) Download ‘MakeItMine’ of Cydia:

This allows you to change your carrier name (in the top left). Having the carrier name is pretty useless.
And so after downloading MIM(MakeItMine) chance your carrier name to just a single space
After MIM your status bar should look like this:

2) Download off Cydia an application called ‘Battery Control’:

This app is a paid app with a trial. However i’m sure some of you will find a way to get it for free….:D
This app will allow you to change your battery to just a numeric value (e.g. 69) instead of the little symbol, the numerical value and the percentage sign ( e.g. 69% [=] )

Once this has been completed your phone should look like so:

3) The final thing to do is if you have a Winterboard theme (or just edit your info.plist) edit it like so:
– Find in the theme folder a file called info.plist
– Add to the file:

<string>margin-left: 0px; padding-top:2px; font-size: Xpx; letter-spacing: .01em;</string>

Change ‘X’ to whatever number you want, the smaller the number, the smaller the size of the clock. I recommend around 12.

Make sure this is placed between the <plist version=”x.x”><dict> at the top
and the </dict></plist> at the bottom of the file.

This will change the time at the top of the screen to as small as you wish.

The info.plist should look like so:

And after, the time should look like this:

[2] The next thing you want to do is add things to your status bar.

1) The first thing you will want to get (and almost all of you probably already have) is SBSettings off Cydia.
This will allow you to have multiple toggles (e.g. turning on and off 3G) from your status bar. Also another feature of SBSettings is that under the ‘more’ button you can add a few things to your status bar. For example you can have it show your available free memory, the date and a few more things.

2) The second and perhaps one of the most important things you will want to get is called ‘Status Notifier’ and it can be found on Cydia. Once again this app is a paid one, but yet again im sure many of your have your ‘ways’ of getting it for free. This is the app:

This app will allow you to have notifications in your status bar. For example you can set it to show a phone icon in your status bar when you have a missed call, an envelope when you have mail and a text bubble when you have a text.

Once StatusNotifier has been configured your status bar could/should look like this:

3) Another thing to add to the status bar is…. the weather :)
By downloading ‘Weathericon’ from Cydia (for free) you can have the weather show up in the status bar as either:
– Just the temperature,
– Just an icon (e.g. A picture of a sun if its sunny :) )
– Or both

Once you have downloaded this app, simply respring, go into your settings -> Weather Icon. Then under ‘Status Bar’ enable ‘show Image’ and/or ‘Show Temp’
By default Weather Icon uses the first place in the stock Weather app. However, this can be changed on this same page.

If all has been done correctly so far your status bar should look like so: NOTE: In this picture I do not have show image enabled, and so I have only the temperature.

4) Here are two more ways to increase the productivity of the status bar but they are sort of linked so I will do them together.
These two tweaks, available through Cydia are called ‘MusicBar’ and ‘MusicInfo’.

MusicBar allows you to control you music using the status bar. (All you do is touch the top left of your status bar and it changes to look like this:

PLEASE NOTE: This tweak will not work if you used MIM to remove your carrier. This is because it is activated by pressing your carrier on the status bar. Apologies.

Musicinfo allows you to see what song is playing (Your Status bar changes to display the song info for 5 Seconds when a song begins) It will look like this:

This guide was written by UKSGreen and is posted here with his approval

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