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What is Rockbox?
Rockbox is another alternative to the good original Apple OS. It is also more stable than iPodLinux but a lot of extensions use iPodLinux which makes it as useful as Rockbox.

This OS is constantly improved and easy to use that is why I recommend you install this as well. You can get games, apps and demos.

There are currently two ways to install Rockbox

  1. With the installer (Easiest and fastest)
  2. The manual way

The installer way

  1. Head over to Rockbox.org and Download the automatic installer
  2. Download the program that affects you ( if you have windows, download the windows version etc.)
  3. Save it somewhere that you will remember (Desktop is recommended)
  4. Extract and launch the program
  5. If you are on Vista or Windows 7, right-Click and Run as administrator

  6. On the devices box click on Change
  7. Click on autodetect (or choose the device you have if you are sure of what you are doing)
  8. Click on Language tab and make sure English is selected (or any language you want)
  9. Click on “Ok” when you are done ( if it ask you to restart the application just do it)
  10. Make sure the device detected is the one you want
  11. Click on Complete install then on OK
  12. If you get prompt saying that you already have a bootloader and you should reinstall it, Click no if you have iPodLinux
  13. It is going to start to the latest build of rockbox + all the extras(font pack, Games including Doom and themes) which is suggested
  14. You will prompted with this screen
  15. Scroll trough the themes and Ctrl + Click on all the themes you want. If you want all the themes just click on the first on then Shift + Click on the last one
  16. Click on install
  17. Let the themes download and the installation finish
  18. We are almost done
  19. Go to start > my Computer > “Your iPod”
  20. Open loader.cfg with wordpad
  21. Add this line anywhere between “Apple OS @ osos” and the settings option
  22. Rockbox @ (hd0,1)/.rockbox/rockbox.ipod

  23. Reboot your iPod and select Rockbox on the menu

The manual way (Pro’s)

  1. Get the latest build of Rockbox for your iPod Video
  2. The latest for iPod Video 30 Gig http://build.rockbox.org/data/rockbox-ipodvideo.zip
    The latest for the iPod video 60 and 80 Gig http://build.rockbox.org/data/rockbox-ipodvideo64mb.zip

  3. Save the file somewhere you will remember (Desktop recommended)
  4. Make a folder called Rockbox on your desktop (Optional but makes it simpler)
  5. Make sure your iPod is connected
  6. Go to start > my Computer > “Your iPod”
  7. Extract latest build of rockbox (Previously downloaded) into the root of your iPod (The folder you just opened)
  8. The file extracted should be .rockbox
  9. (If you already have iPodlinux installed skip to step 9) install bootloader by downloading this http://download.rockbox.org/bootloader/ipod/ipodpatcher/win32/ipodpatcher.exe
    1. Start the installer and the program will search for the ipod
    2. After it found it, Press I and enter
    3. Note: If you want to switch OS, Just reboot the ipod by pressing Menu + center, till the screen turns black and switch the hold button
      PS: it will take at least like 30 seconds for the Apple OS to load

  10. If you have iPodLinux installed follow this:
    1. Go to start > my Computer > “Your iPod”
    2. Open loader.cfg with wordpad
    3. Add this line anywhere between “Apple OS @ osos” and the settings option
    4. Rockbox @ (hd0,1)/.rockbox/rockbox.ipod

  11. Reboot your iPod and you are done

Listening to  songs in Rockbox

  1. Go on Rockbox
  2. Go to Settings > General Settings > File View > Show Files > Music -> Click center
  3. Go to Settings > General Settings > Database > Load to RAM  > Yes -> Click center
  4. In the same menu page, Press Initialize Now

To access your songs

  1. Go back to the Main Screen
  2. Go to Database
  3. Leave the Database build

Installing Themes

  1. Go to http://themes.rockbox.org/index.php?target=ipodvideo
  2. Download the theme you want
  3. Extract the theme into the rockbox folder on your desktop
  4. Go to start > my Computer > “Your iPod” > .rockbox
  5. The theme folders have folders that are the same as the ones in the .rockbox folders. You are going to have to copy the files inside the folders into the corresponding folders on your iPod
  6. Disconnect
  7. Go on rockbox > Settings > Browse Theme > Select the theme you downloaded

Adding Fonts

  1. Download this font pack
  2. Go to Start > My Computer > “Your iPod” > .rockbox > fonts
  3. Extract the content of the font pack into that folder.

Playing GB and GBC games on your ipod!

  1. Download a .gb or .gbc rom from google
  2. Go to start > my Computer > “Your iPod”
  3. Make a folder called Rom (If you do not have one)
  4. Place the .gb or .gbc file in that folder you have just created
  5. Eject the iPod and go on Rockbox
  6. Go on Files > Rom > the game you have just downloaded
  7. It should load
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