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The act of “CHMOD”ing is the act of setting permission on files and folders so that not every system/program will be allowed to edit certain files. In this tutorial I will show you how to do basic CHMODing so that whenever an app crashes to springboard you will be able to edit its permission and maybe fix it!  We will use WinSCP to show you some pictures on how to CHMOD

There are three kinds of “user”

  • Owner
  • Group
  • Other

There are also 3 kinds of different of permission to set. (Also noted rwx)

  • Read
  • Write
  • Execute

Every permission category has a number assigned to it.

For example

Read = 4

Write = 2

Execute = 1

So if you want a file or folder to be able to Read, Write and Execute for all users you will write 777

By doing that you have allowed the Owner to Read(4) + Write(2) + Execute(1) = 7

You have also allowed the group to Read(4) + Write(2) + Execute(1) = 7

And the Other to Read(4) + Write(2) + Execute(1) = 7

As you can see it gives us three 7’s therefore 777

We are now going to go hands on with WinScp and your iPod.

Let’s say that the Terminal app keeps crashing.

  1. What we are going to do is SSH into your iPod, and go to /var/stash/Application.xxxx
    1. In this directory you will see all the apps that are default to apple + all the apps installed by Cydia.
  2. Locate Terminal.app folder
  3. Once you have located the folder, we are going to set Owner, Group and other to full access.
  4. Right-click on the folder and select Properties
  5. At the bottom of the new window you will see something like 0775
  6. For this tutorial don’t mind the 0 in front of the 775
  7. You will now write whatever permission you want. In this example it’s 777

    1. If you want to set all the subfolders and subfiles to 777 just tick the box set permission recursively
  8. Just press on ok and wait. Once it done, Respring your iPod and check if your mobile terminal works.
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