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Since some jailbroken iPhones got hacked by a unknown person, it is recommended that you change your SSH password to something other than “alpine” (Default password)

This is how you do it.

  1. Go on cydia
  2. Go the search tab and search “mobile terminal”
  3. Install it

  4. Back on your springboard select terminal
  5. Write
    1. su  (Then press return)
    2. alpine (Then press return)
  6. You are now logged in as root
  7. Write password (Then press return)
  8. Write your new password (press return)
  9. Rewrite your new password to make sure you wrote it correctly

You are now done.

Please note that in all other tutorials you will read, everytime we are going to write “alpine” as the password you have to put your own.

Also it is very important that you remember your password!

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