Hello guys!

I know following the tutorials is nice and all but sometimes it seems that it just doesn’t want to work! Sometimes you need help from somebody who knows the subjects and has to be there at the same time as you to be able to guide you. That is why I will leave all my contact information so that you can contact me anytime for help, questions, suggestions and feedback!

P.S.: I am not saying I will answer the second after you send the e-mail and whatnot but it will take just couple of hours at most!

Don’t be shy we will be glad to help you!

Here it goes for Slus. (iPod video 5g and 5.5g, ipod Nano, iPod Touch and iPhone help)

  1. E-Mail: (Best choice for the middle of the day)
  2. Facebook: Search the iPodStuff Group
  3. Twitter: iPodstufforg
  4. Ping! ID: theslus (Due to application problems I may receive your messages late but hey try it anyways.)
  5. Google Buzz NEW*: suarez.
  6. MSN:
  7. Comment!

That’s it for now. If you want me to more available on other website or services, just write a comment below!

Also don’t forget, if you use StumbleUpon, to “I Like it!” the pages! or simply share this website with all your friends!

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