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The advantage of having an iPod Touch or iPhone is the Appstore. The Appstore provides us with more than 100,000 apps for anything you need and want. It varies from games to productivity apps, from weather apps to medical apps and more. Unfortunately, it was promised that around 70% of the apps would be free but that didn’t happen. Most of the apps go from 0.99$ to 899.99$. Thankfully, hackers and crackers united so that if one person buys an app, he will be able to share it and make other users get it for free. There are many sites that offer these cracked .IPA files and a list will be provided at the end of this tutorial. In order to be able to get free games and apps, follow these steps.

For iPod 1G, 2G and iPhone 1G, 2G and 3G. If you have 3G iPod or iPhone 3GS Click here

  1. Assuming that you have already jailbroken your device, Go to Cydia
  2. Go to the “Manage” tab
  3. Select “Sources”
  4. On the top right select “Edit” and then select the “Add” button

  5. Write on the new prompt exactly as it is written here: http://cydia.install0us.com
  6. Wait until the source is added to cydia
  7. Go to the “Changes” tab and you will see something like this.
  8. Select the “iphone.org.hk” Source package and “Install it”
    1. To Install select the package
    2. On the top right of the screen select “Install”
    3. A new page will come up and select “Confirm”
  9. Once the source has finish loading, go back to the “Changes” tab and you will see something like this
  10. Scroll through the packages and find Installd Patch.
  11. Select Installd Patch and Install it. (Same steps as 8.1 to 8.3)
  12. Once it has finished installing, REBOOT your device (This step is important)
  13. Once your device rebooted, go back on cydia then on the search tab and search for install0us ( it’s a zero and not the letter “o”)
  14. Install install0us (Steps 8.1 to 8.3)
  15. When it is done go back to the springboard (Main Screen)
  16. To learn how to use Install0us click here.
    If you have a iPod 3G or iPhone 3GS please follow these steps.

  1. Do steps 1 to 6 but add http://cydia.hackulo.us instead of cydia.install0us.com
  2. Go to the changes tab and scroll until you find AppSync Important: Make sure it says AppSync for OS 3.1
  3. Install AppSync and make sure to REBOOT your device (Steps 8.1 to 8.3 on previous tutorial)
  4. Continue with steps 13 through 16


How to Add games and apps. (Computer way)

  1. Go to one of these many sites
    1. AppTrackr //Best app website Recommended
    2. Appulo.us //Slow but contains a lot of apps Password is cavern
    3. AppCake //Fast, contains a bit less apps but very good
    4. Apps 4 iPhone
    5. Hack your iPhone //May need to sign up
    6. iGui.ru //Russian but usable
    7. iPhone Bot
    8. iPhone-Heaven
    9. iPhone iPod Touch
    10. App DB
    11. Sinful iPhone
    12. Pirate Apps
    13. Direct Apps //Only through install0us
    14. X8Smile
    15. Apple9
    16. VNM Store
    17. Gu1337
    18. iApplications.ru
  2. Search and download the game/app you want. (It should come in .IPA format)
  3. Double click the .IPA file to add it to iTunes
  4. Make sure your iPod is plugged
  5. Make sure Sync Applications is checked
  6. Click on Sync to iPod


How to Add games and apps. (Mobile way)

  1. To do so, learn how to use install0us
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