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What is iBoy?

iBoy is a gameboy (.gb) and gameboy color (.gbc) emulator it allows you to play some of them. Attention only .gb and .gbc files are accepted

How to install iBoy



You will need to install ipodlinux + bootloader to do this

  1. Download the latest iBoy build. Currently this is the easiest way to install iBoy Download here It comes with pokemon Silver
  2. Alternatively you can check out this link for any new update

  3. Open your iPod root in windows
  4. Start -> my computer -> your iPod

  5. Now extract the iBoy_install.zip that you previously downloaded so that you have these files in your iPod root
    • 1 folder named gameboy
    • 1 .cfg file named iboy.cfg
    • 1 file named iboy_newkern
  6. Now right-click on loader.cfg and add this line of code between iPodLinux and sleep

    iBoy @ (hd0,1)/iboy_kernel.bin /mnt/iboy_newkern

  7. You can also Download the one I use but I also have Rockbox installed

  8. Google your own roms and add them to the rom folder inside the gameboy folder in your root
    The rom files should be either .gb or .gbc nothing else
  9. Reboot your iPod and select iBoy
  10. Click on load rom and select the Rom you want to play
  11. If ever you are in game and want to access the menu, just put your iPod on hold and unhold.

If you have any problems, Just comment here or send an e-mail to or


Lightly touch:

* Menu: Up

* Play: Down

* Forward: Right

* Rewind: Left

* Center: A

* Upper Right: A

* Upper Left: B

* Lower Right: Start

* Lower Left: Select

* Hold: Menu


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