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Note: Before you start this tutorial, in iTunes, make sure the “Sync games” checkbox, under the Games Tab, is not checked or your games will be deleted when iTunes opens.

I am not responsible for anything that happens to your ipod. Do it at own risk

First you need to know whether you have a 5G iPod, or a 5.5G iPod.

To know if you have a 5G or a 5.5g just go to music and scroll down. If you see the Search option, you have a 5.5G if not then its a 5G

IF YOU LOAD THE WRONG FIRMWARE YOU MAY RUIN YOUR iPod but it can easily be fixed by applying the CORRECT firmware a few times.

Now the steps:

1. Plug your iPod to the computer and access it, enable hidden folders and go to: /ipod_control. Create a folder called Games_RO.
2. Open each game ZIP. Drag the numbered folder to Games_RO.
2. Download iPodWizard 1.3 at the bottom. Start it up. You may need to right click>run as administrator to get it to work.
3. Change the edit mode to “Firmware File”.
4. Download the proper firmware for your 5G or your 5.5G iPod at the right. Extract it, then load it in iPW.
5. Click “Write to iPod”.

6.Eject/Unplug your iPod and your have all 20 games!

NOTE: If you have a theme on your iPod, or extra screens, or anything else, you may want to save it with iPodWizard first, and then once you write your firmware you can change everything back.

1B200 – Lost
11002 – iQuiz
11050 – SAT Reading Prep Questions 2008
11051 – SAT Writing Prep Questions 2008
11052 – SAT Math Prep Questions 2008
1C300- Musika
12345 – Vortex
14004 – Ms. Pac-Man
1500C – The Sims Bowling
1500E – The Sims Pool
33333 – Texas Hold ‘Em
44444 – Zuma
50513 – Sudoku
50514 – Royal Solitaire
55555 – Bejeweled
66666 – Tetris
77777 – Mahjong
88888 – Mini Golf
99999 – Cubis 2
AAAAA – Pac-Man

*NOTE* If you have an IPG file, just open it with WinRAR and extract everything.

Game downloads:

All Games in one file:

All Games – 502 mb (will be coming soon)

Or download individually:

Cubis 2

Sat Math Prep Questions 2008
Sat writing Prep Questions 2008
Sat Reading Prep Questions 2008
Royal Solitaire

Texas Hold’em
The Sims Bowling
The Sims Pool

iPodwizard.net 1.3

5G Firmware
5.5G Firmware

How to install games using mac!

Install The Firmware On A MAC OS

  1. Download THIS
  2. Copy Games To the iPod root
  3. Open A Terminal Window
  4. Navigate To The Place Where You Downloaded Ipodpatcher To (Ie, a folder)
  5. Type “ipodpatcher“
  6. And Remember The Number It Gives You
  7. Then Type “ipodpatcher NUMBER -w “Directory Of The Firmware File
  8. Enjoy the games.
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