The new iTunes update breaks the Blackra1n method to jailbreak your iPhone. You can either downgrade your iTunes to an older version which is very long and tedious to do or you can simply apply a patch made by iH8Snow. It is very easy to patch Blackra1n.

  1. You will need to download Blackra1n if you don’t have it already
  2. Download this patcher called BlackFreeze
  3. Run the BlackFreeze (Run as administrator on vista and windows 7 to avoid problems)
  4. This will show up
  5. Simply click on “Fix my Ra1n!”
  6. You well then need to locate the original blackra1n file you downloaded from
  7. When you located it, Press on open
  8. BlackFreeze will then prompt you to choose a place to save the Fixed Blackra1n
  9. Save it and voila! You are done and you can run BlackRa1n Whenever.
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