Difficulty – Medium |

This will add a file browser to your Apple OS.

This means that you will be able to access all the folders in your iPod without needing to go either in iPodLinux or Rockbox

Please note that this will only work with the background hacks 1.3.1 and lower. If you don’t know what firmware you’re using, I suggest you do not add this.

The file browser will not work with the apple classic firmware.

This was made by Invader Zim
Installation is simple.

  1. Download this resource file (Click Here!) and save it somewhere you will remember!
  2. Make sure your iPod is plugged to your computer
  3. Open iPodWizard (right-click + run as administrator if on Vista or 7)
  4. Load your iPod firmware
  5. Go to the layout tab and select MENU LAYOUT

  6. Type 24094 in the Find box and click “Find”
  7. Backup the original 24094.rsrc before moving to the next step
    1. Click on save Resource
    2. Save the file somwhere you will remember
  8. Click on “Load Resource” and navigate to where you downloaded the file and load it.
  9. Click on the write to ipod button.
  10. Eject your ipod and disable “Backlight” in the main menu

    1. Go to the main menu
    2. Go to Settings
    3. Main Menu
    4. Scroll to the bottom and disable Backlight
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