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In this tutorial, you will find out how to change your iPod video font color.


  1. iPod video with firmware 1.2.1
  2. The perfect background hack
  3. iPodwizard 1.3.
  1. Assuming that you already installed the perfect background hack, open iPodwizard and on the dropdown menu on the left, choose “ipod” then click on “load ipod firmware” button.
  2. Now go in the “Layout” tab and in the drop down menu called “Resource Type” select “Font types”
  3. Now in the search bar, search for these values 24222, 24223, 24224, 24225 (P.S.: These are only the important ones. For more options please scroll down)
  4. Once you have search for one, on the right box in iPodwizard, double-click on the “Value” of “RGB Color” it should look like “0xff000000”.
  5. You will now be able to select the color with a color palette. Once you are done selecting the color click on OK
  6. Now search the rest of the values and repeat step 3 to 5
  7. Now that you have edited all the important ones, you have two choices. Finish up, write to ipod and eject or continue with the other resources to modify the lyric menu font color and others

These are the places you can change the font color

14034 – Dates belonging to the current month in the calendar
14035 – Dates not belonging to current month in the calendar
14039 – Event info field labels
14040 – Time of events in calendar
16793 – Lyric menu font
22199 – Buttons in Stopwatch
27971 – Contact # of ##
27972 – Contact info field value
27973 – Contact info field label
-592 – Title of calendar events in summary
-548 – Search term in input box
-554 – “No Results Found”
-550 – Amount of search results displayed on the input form
-549 – List of search results while in input form
-344 – Alphabetical index while scrolling fast through the media library

24852 – region selection

24961 – world clock, alarm clock, sleep timer, etc screen
– -253 – 15 minutes/off to 120 minutes

24974 – delete this clock, change city, etc screen
– -265 – same as -253, above

25049 – alarm,time,sound

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