Difficulty – Medium |

  1. Assuming that you already installed the perfect background hack, Open iPodwizard and on on the dropdown menu on the left, choose “ipod” then click on “load ipod firmware” button.
  2. Now go in the “Layout” tab and in the drop down menu called “Resource Type” select “Font types”
  3. Now in the search bar, search for these values 24209, 24210 and 24211.
  4. Once you have search for one, on the right box in iPodwizard, double-click on the “Value” of “RGB Color” it should look like “0xff000000”. (Refer to number 3 on the next picture)
  5. You will now be able to select the color with a color palette. Once you are done selecting the color click on OK
  6. Now search the rest of the values and repeat step 3 to 5
  7. You are now done. Click on “Write” and “Eject” your iPod

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