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This tutorial will show you how to Change the boot logo on your iPod Nano 1st gen!  (The apple logo when your iPod boots)

If you have a bootloader, it might not work because you might not be able to find the apple logo in the firmware.


  1. Download iPodWizard 1.3
  2. Load your iPod firmware by going on the dropdown menu on the top left and selecting ipod then load firmware.
  3. Go to the pictures Tab
  4. Select the picture numbered 283
  5. Now find an boot logo that you like. (make sure the image size is 62px in width * 78px in height)
  6. For this example we are going to use this one

  7. Now go back to iPodWizard and load the image by click on Load Bitmap
  8. Find the image you chose and press on Open
  9. Now go to the Preferences tab and select “Reflash iPod firmware upon boot picture change”
  10. Press write then on eject and you are done!

    Note: iPodWizard might freeze. If it does, follow these steps

    1. Wait about 1 or 2 minutes
    2. Close iPodWizard
    3. Unplug your iPod
    4. Plug it back, your iPod is going to be reflashing

    And you are done!

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