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Adding Menu Icons

Difficulty – Easy | In this tutorial I will teach you how to install menu icons on your iPod to make it look even cooler than what it looks like now. Download the icon set ( inverted or not ) Inverted Menu Icons Or this: Menu Icons (Non – Inverted) Save the file somwhere you […]

Center All Menus

Difficulty – Pretty easy | This tutorial will show you how to center all the Menu Text on your iPod. Thanks to KR3WSKATER32 Open up iPodWizard Load your iPod firmware Go into the layout tab and select “font types” in the resources drop down menu Now in the search bar, search for this value and […]

Multiple Themes (for Pros)

Difficulty – Pro | This hack will enable you to have many different themes just by rebooting and selecting your theme in the bootloader menu. Warning: This tutorial is for people who understand all the basics of iPod Modding and know what they are doing. If you do not understand what it written in this […]

How to change the Boot logo

Difficulty – Easy | This tutorial will show you how to Change the boot logo on your iPod Video (The apple logo when your iPod boots) Note: If you have a bootloader, it might not work because you might not be able to find the apple logo in the firmware. Also some custom firmwares may […]

iPod NES Emulator

Difficulty – Easy | There are two iPod Nes emulators The first one is called iNes and the other is called iDarcnes Since the iNes development is discontinued and the previous releases really had a lot of problems,I will not write a tutorial on how to install since iDarcnes can play more ROMs and at […]

Change Scroll bar color

Difficulty – Getting Harder | In this tutorial I will show you how to modify the color of the scroll bar Warning: This only works with a 1.2.1 iPod video Firmware Download this pack of scroll bars ( Thanks to Dash666 for making this list) Save the file to somewhere you will remember Open iPodwizard […]

iPod video Games Cheat

Difficulty – Extremely easy | Almost any game these days come with cheats in order to make us have more fun, to help us a specific level or just to finish the game in a breeze The iPod video games also have cheats and here they are Texas Hold ’em Cheats: Go to the “Options” […]

Change your iPod font Color

Difficulty – Getting harder | In this tutorial, you will find out how to change your iPod video font color. Requirements: iPod video with firmware 1.2.1 The perfect background hack iPodwizard 1.3. Assuming that you already installed the perfect background hack, open iPodwizard and on the dropdown menu on the left, choose “ipod” then click […]

Basic iPod Video Modding

Difficulty – Very easy | In this tutorial I will teach you the basics of modding an iPod. This includes changing the graphics, changing the fonts and changing the Strings(Every single word written in your iPod) Change your iPod’s Graphics Download iPodwizard 1.3 In the left drop down menu called “Edit Mode:” select “iPod” and […]

Perfect background hack

Difficulty – Medium | This will install the perfect background hack on your iPod Features: 1. The Solitaire Background is now fixed ( the solid green background is back!) 2. The stopwatch and the lock background is now back and fixed (brushed metal!) 3. The 4-bit color font change is now included! 4. The white […]

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