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In this tutorial I will teach you how to install menu icons on your iPod to make it look even cooler than what it looks like now.

  1. Download the icon set ( inverted or not )
  2. Inverted Menu Icons

    Or this:

    Menu Icons (Non – Inverted)

  3. Save the file somwhere you will remember
  4. In the left drop down menu called “Edit Mode:” select “iPod” and click on “Load iPod Firmware”
  5. Click on the “Fonts” tab and go to the far right side and click on “OTF Fonts”
  6. In the drop down menu select index number “1″ and on the far right side click on “Load Font”.
  7. Find the font in the zip file you have downloaded at the beginning of this tutorial, it should be called Podium SansRegular. Just select it
  8. Click on the “Strings” tab. Then in the dropdown menu select 24 for the english language.
  9. Click on the “Load List” Button
  10. Navigate to the place where you downloaded the .zip file and double click on the menu icons list.txt file from the begining of this tutorial
  11. This message should pop-up
  12. You are now done. click on “Write” and then “eject”
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